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Following a tooth extraction, your post-surgical care team at Coyne Oral Surgery will prioritize stopping the bleeding so that you can begin the healing process. Promote blood clotting by biting on a gauze pad for 30-45 minutes immediately following your appointment. Continue for another 30 minutes and/or use another gauze pad if bleeding or oozing persists. If you have to do this several times to stop blood flow, don’t worry – this can be normal.

Once a blood clot has formed, it’s important to protect the clot so that it does not become disturbed or dislodged. No vigorous rinsing, use of straws, alcohol, or smoking. Do not brush teeth in the extraction area for 72 hours. Limit vigorous exercise for the next 24 hours.

Following your procedure, you may have some pain and swelling. Swelling often subsides after 48 hours. An ice pack or unopened bag of frozen corn or peas can help reduce swelling. Use pain medications as instructed.  If your medication is not providing relief, contact Coyne Oral Surgery.

If you have been prescribed antibiotics, continue their use as prescribed, taking them even when you feel well and symptoms of infection are no longer present.

Patients are allowed to eat normally after tooth extraction as soon as they feel up to it. Begin with plenty of fluids and nutritious soft foods immediately after your surgery.

Resume normal dental hygiene after approximately 24 hours post-op. This includes daily brushing and flossing. Good dental hygiene will keep your mouth clean and speed up healing.

Resume normal activities after a few days of rest when you feel up to it. If you have a reaction to the medication, heavy bleeding, severe pain, or continued swelling (two to three days or more), call Coyne Oral Surgery immediately at 615-771-0017.